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Marketing Automation - find out if you really are

Test yourself with the following 3 steps ...

  1. NEWSLETTERS - still have someone going into your platform and manually creating newsletters every week? Then you are far from leveraging the potential of your investment. But fear not as most of your competitors are most likely in the same boat. How could you let the customer engagement platform automatically manage the campaigns week in - week out, whilst ensuring the right content really goes to the right customer - every single time? Get in touch and we'll tell you more.
  2. DATA SILOS - one of the biggest challanges with automation is data quality. If multiple source systems are used, then this complicates the landscape further. Have you ever systematically analysed the data quality and model of your customer engagement platform to solve the problems at the source? If not, get help from our experts to optimsie your solution and enable you to reach the level that your MA tool was built for.
  3. MATURITY - Achieving a sophisticated level of data-driven campaign execution takes time, resources, and a shift in mindset throughout the organization. All businesses are unique, even within the same industry, and there is not a single specific method that suits everyone. Do you experience typical challenges such as with time to market of new features or the bridge between developers and the business? Tell us how things work in your organisation specificically and we'd love to work with you.


We love doing implementations and are happy to jump on brand new projects at any time, but can also take ownership of running or supporting your existing customer engagement platform.

Development of Email Templates

In a hurry? We handle the design and development of brand new email templates in no time. No long procurement periods. Why not try us out with a small assignment or minor, risk-free project to start with?

HTML / CSS Email Design

You send us a design in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch or even more effective collaboration - via Zeplin. We develop your new email design in HTML / CSS under a single sprint. If you approve of the results, we proceed to the templates.

Responsive Email Templates

Regardless of whether you're using Adobe Campaign, Marketo, Salesforce or Braze, we deliver flexible templates that are easy-to-use for your campaign managers. Here we run iteratively and let you test the delivered functionality before it is put into production.


Part of being data-driven is to know your data sources inside out

Data from multiple sources

So ... how did all that technical architecture look like again?

Does this sound familiar? You are at the beginning or the middle of a digital journey. A new multi-channel software provider has been selected and the project has begun.

Exactly how will customers logging in to your site be available in the new system so that they can be processed?

At the same time, how will you ensure that the new data protection regulation (GDPR is followed)?

What happens to the existing traceable data from your old system? Is the data that goes out to the cloud encrypted so that personal info can not be identified?

What kind of data will flow in real time and which takes longer? How much longer does the other data take and how does it affect the campaign strategy?


There is a good reason for the motto - Simple Targeting Analytics

Simplify so that you can begin and end with analysis

The cycle can begin with segmentation based on behavior and ending with results that lead to new segmentation, etc., etc.

  1. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME - direct marketing based on demographics like age or gender is simple and dated. The real value comes when focusing on contextual data. When did the customer last contact your brand? Through which channel did the contact occur? What device do they prefer to use? What behavior segment do they fall into? Want help with getting to know your customers better? Feel free to contact us and discuss.
  2. NEW TRENDS - how about the latest and best technology on different platforms, like Android and iOS? Do you trust in obsolete methods like number of downloads and App Store reviews? - Step into the future of Mobile First with new solutions for your digitally native customers like millennials. Let's discuss how to get you from what you're doing today, to real-time contextual customer engamenet whilst remaining GDPR compliant?
  3. CAMPAIGN RESPONSE - You run campaigns and collect results. What happens after that? Where does this data go? How do you use the data for future campaigns? There are several strategies that can work, but the key is to test and improve by experimenting. Most important of all is to always measure and take lessons from each campaign. Feel free to stop by for a brief dicsussion. We'll get the coffe and brainstorm about strategies.


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