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SImple TArgeting anaLYTICs

Sitalytic provides consulting services to run CRM, Marketing Automation or Customer Engagement projects. We focus on the entire lifecycle from the discovery phase through to campaign execution, training and finally ongoing support. We have the technical capabilities, but also provide a 'soft bridge' between the business and the devlopers.

Data-driven Customer Engagement & MA
Implementation of Multi-channel Marketing Solutions
Integrating Systems with Data from Multiple Sources
Closing the Loop by Tracking Customer Response Data

What are you paying for?

Who ever you work with, ask yourself this question every so often and make sure it's worth it



Another quarter finished, another successfully delivered project. We don't mean to brag, but for a startup our numbers are pretty impressive. We can't beleive that 2018 is nearly over.



Certified Scrum Masters, Developers, Architects, Consultants, Designers. That's a lot of roles, a lot of talent and a wealth of experience. We're not that big, but we do pack a heavy punch.



People who interact with your brand could come from anywhere. Our team has lived and worked in so many countries that we can easily identify with your customer personas.

How we work

Our project methodology is rigorously agile and has been proven to adapt to any given organisation. The simple reason behind this success is continous learning and improvement of the scrum process. Here are some reasons why your project would benefit from a bit of Sitalytic.

practice vs. preach

If you've studied scrum, you'll be aware of many companies talking about agile, but not actually following the metholdogy. We adopt true scrum values according to the official guide, but adapt to waterfall where required, for example in data model design.

product owners

Our projects require at least one point of contact on the client side to be as involved in the project as the development team. We look after the technical side and/or project delivery, but someone needs to own the product and enjoy our wonderful demos.

thinking ahead

Whilst quick fixes can be easily done to patch up almost any technical issue, our belief based on experience and lessons learned, is that long-term solutions are more viable for the business. They reduce technical debt and provide a greater ROI.



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